I created my first award-winning ad at the age of six


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Growing up, my home town had an annual event: The Halloween Window Painting Contest, where kids would paint the windows of local storefronts.
In first grade, I painted a piece with a dog jumping through a hoop and the copy: “Trick or Treat”. At the other end of the hoop was a man holding a big roll of Smarties - my favorite candy. It received an Honorable Mention. 
I can shamelessly admit that this looked like a [terribly done] ad for Smarties. I know what you’re thinking; she’s already peaked. But rest assured, I only received an Honorable Mention, so I have plenty of room to grow.

If you want to know more

I have four less teeth than the average human.
I’m double jointed in all my fingers.
I’m a distant relative of the Jersey Shore “star” JWoww. - We’re not close.
I make some of the best chocolate chip cookies out there.
I always win Pictionary and Clue.
I always lose Monopoly.
I like board games.